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                 2003 - 240lbs.                                                                                      2010 - 188lbs.                                 


"Meeting Phil English of Powerline Athletics has totally changed me. He has single handedly transformed the way I look, the way I feel, my level of confidence, my energy level, and the overall quality of my life. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he just tells it like it is and tells you what it’s going to take to get where you want to be. Before I started training in September of 2003, fitness was not a part of my life. I always knew I needed to get in shape but had neither the motivation or knowledge to do it on my own. Having three children, I knew I had to do something if I was to be the active parent I wanted and knew I should be. Even after all these years, Phil’s fitness and nutrition expertise continue to educate me. I have also suffered a few injuries, all of which he has nursed me back to health from. I truly believe that working with Phil has easily added ten years to my life and for that I am truly grateful. Just think in 2003 I was 240 pounds; in 2010 I’m 188 pounds and there’s no looking back!"


Kent Magnuson

General Manager, Metro Ford




 "Simply put, since deciding to train with Phil at Powerline Athletics during my off seasons, I returned as one of the most fit players on any team I played for and he helped extend my career a few good years as well. It was a wise choice"


Dave Tomlinson

Radio personality and formerly of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, and the German Elite league








                    January 2009                                                  March 2010 - 32 pounds lighter and just getting started!


 "In the last one and a half years since I started working with Powerline, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my core strength and stamina. It is great for me to have Phil's support and he keeps me on track with my health and fitness goals in a very positive and proactive way. I've appreciated his sense of humour and balanced perspective, and how he has personalized the routines for me."


James Buonassisi

Real estate agent



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