High Intensity Training (H.I.T.), Part 4

So this is the final installment of my high intensity training series and as promised I’ve put together a few different strength routines guaranteed to push your limits.  Some of these routines can also be classified by a term you might be hearing more of these days called ‘metabolic workouts’. A metabolic workout is usually a fast paced circuit consisting of a series of exercises performed either at a fixed period of time, a set number of reps, against the clock or maybe a combination of any of those. With metabolic workouts, one can improve his/her cardiovascular efficiency, local muscular development, fat burning, and increased muscle definition.  I don’t recommend these workouts every day, but I like to give them to clients once a week to give them a break from a standard heavier lifting program. Metabolic workouts are also great when you need a fast hard workout and have to get out of the gym quickly.  They are also great for getting you back into a fitness program if you have been off for a while or maybe you are stuck on a plateau and need a shock to the system. 

Here are a few samples of the type of metabolic workouts that my clients find to be a challenge.  Remember where weights are needed, try and pick a weight that will fatigue you at about 10-12 reps without compromising form. Only rest if you need to, otherwise push yourself!


Workout 1 - (no weights)

There are two ways to do this one. You can perform 5 rounds and see how fast you can do it and that will also leave you time to do other things in the gym. Secondly, you can go for 30 minutes and see how many complete rounds you can perform.  


Body weight squats sitting to 90 degrees or lower                          (15 reps)

Chin ups or assisted chin up machine – full range of motion   (5 reps)

Push ups or modified push ups                                                      (10 reps)



Workout 2 – The 7 exercise circuit

Perform this circuit minimum twice through, 3 or more depending on your energy.


1.  Squat to dumbbell shoulder press        (10-12 reps)

2.  Wide grip lat pulldown                              (10-12 reps)

3.  Medicine ball Russian twists                  (30-40)

4.  Push ups                                                     (try and go to fatigue)

5.  Single leg dumbbell deadlifts                 (10-12 each leg)

6.  Stability ball crunches or front plank      (1 minute)

7. 400m. treadmill run                                    (challenge yourself each week on how fast you run this)


Workout 3 -  Old school

This is for those days when you just want to do some traditional lifting but by keeping the rest times short you will still be able to get that heart rate up and work your strength endurance. I've given you a dumbell option as well. You can perform anywhere from a minimum of 3 to 8 circuits of this depending on how you feel. Rest no longer than 1:30 after completing the circuit.


1. Barbell squat or dumbbell lunges                                (10-12 reps)

2. Bench press or dumbell flat or incline chest press  (10-12)

3. Seated rows or single arm dumbbell rows                (10-12)




In good health,

Phil English


Powerline Owner Phil English



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High Intensity Training (H.I.T.)
Part 4 - Need a change? Try some of these workouts!

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